White Gold Farm Info

Where Do We Get Our Meat, You Ask??


At East Acres Farm (Black Angus Beef)


Snow Dance Farms (Rotisserie Chickens @ 2.5-3#)

  • Family Farm Located in Livingston Manor in the Catskill region of NY state.
  • Farmers Marc and Sue Jaffe employ all natural farming practices and raise their birds under antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free conditions.  They use integrated pest management and intensive grazing methods.
  • They integrate marigolds into their well balanced feed to give a richness to these heritage cross birds. 

Pick of the Pasture Farm (Retail Chickens, Ducks, Eggs)

  • Mennonite Family Farm located in Hoosick Falls NY, just west of the southern Vermont boarder.
  • Farmer Norm Zimmerman uses natural farming methods and raise their birds with no antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones.  They raise their adult birds on pasture year around, and have a very hands-on approach to raising their Cornish-cross hatchlings into mature birds.
  • Eggs delivered by Norm are from a neighboring Amish Farm, and are available year around.

Mauer’s Mountain Farms (French Guinea Hens)

  • A 400 acre Heritage French Guinea Hen farm located in the Catskill watershed.
  • Farmer Jennifer Grossman raises her hens on open pasture year round and feeds them organic greens, local grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and processes them in an Animal Welfare Approved facility in the Hudson Valley.
  • Guinea Hens are similar to chickens, but have a higher yield of meat and a lower fat content than that of a standard chicken.


Sir William Angus Farm (100% Berkshire Pork, caul fat)

  • Family Farm located in Craryville, NY and is among the oldest Berkshire pig farms in NY state.
  • Farmer Bruce Conover and his son raise 100% Berkshire pigs on 200 acres of pasture. They pride themselves in selective genetics passed down from generations of family farming and show great integrity in their animal husbandry practices.



Elysian Fields Farm (Pasture raised lamb)

  • Elysian Fields Farm is a network (co-operative) of 8 local family farms, located in Pennsylvania and Ohio.   They raise their animals from birth to slaughter, and most of these farms employ their own breeding practices.
  • Farmer Keith Martin has worked for years to track their lamb so that consumers can access data regarding feed, growth and location of the farm via a tracking number.  This means that all sources can be verified and ensures the full traceability of the animal.
  • Elysian Fields produces lambs that are a Dorset and Suffolk lamb cross breed.
  • Animals are fed a balanced diet of hay, alfa alfa, clover, and grass – and finished on grains like corn and oats, soybean meal, molasses and salt.
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