Our Farms

Where Do We Get Our Meat?

Steer: At Ease Acres Farm (Black Angus Beef)

  • Breed: Registered Angus Beef
  • Age: <30 months
  • Feed: Grass, followed by free choice grain in the last 60 days
  • Farm: Schohaire Valley, NY (near Albany)
  • Humane treatment: Beef are raised on a small family farm, no hormones/antibiotics. Beef are slaughtered in a small family-run USDA abattoirs

Pick of the Pasture Farm (Retail Chickens, Ducks, Eggs)

  • Mennonite Family Farm located in Hoosick Falls NY, just west of the southern Vermont boarder.
  • Farmer Norm Zimmerman uses natural farming methods and raises the birds with no antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones.  Their adult birds are kept on pasture year around, and have a very hands-on approach to raising their Cornish-cross hatchlings into mature birds.
  • Eggs delivered by Norm are from a neighboring Amish Farm and are available year around.

Pigs: Sir William Angus Farm (100% Berkshire Pork, caul fat)

  • Family Farm located in Craryville, NY and is among the oldest Berkshire pig farms in the state.
  • Farmer Bruce Conover and his son raise 100% Berkshire pigs on 200 acres of pasture. They pride themselves in selective genetics passed down from generations of family farming and show great integrity in their animal husbandry practices.

Lamb: Elysian Fields Farm (Pasture raised lamb)

  • Elysian Fields Farm is a co-operative of 8 local family farms, located in Pennsylvania and Ohio.   They raise their animals from birth to slaughter, and most of these farms employ their own breeding practices.
  • Farmer Keith Martin has worked for years to track their lamb so that consumers can access data regarding feed, growth and location of the farm via a tracking number.  This means that all sources can be verified and ensures the full traceability of the animal.
  • Elysian Fields produces lambs that are a Dorset and Suffolk cross-breed.
  • Animals are fed a balanced diet of hay, alfalfa, clover, and grass, and are finished on grains like corn and oats, soybean meal, molasses and salt.
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