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Things to Consider When Moving Your Restaurant to a New Location

One of the keys to the success of every business including restaurant is a location. According to statistics of out of state moving companies, the revenue of restaurants can increase by 15% only thanks to the relocation.

These figures can be higher if you manage to find a cheaper rent and improve your marketing strategies. Sometimes, it is enough to move a restaurant to a lighter, more spacious, and populous place, and business starts flourishing immediately. However, moving a restaurant or cafe is also a big responsibility since you need to consider multiple factors before making this decision. This article will tell you what to pay attention to when you decide to move a restaurant to a new location.

  • Make the right choice of the location

What are the main points to consider choosing a new location? It should provide not only the same benefits offered in the old premises but also give new ones. It is necessary to consider the population of the area you move to including median age, education, tastes, income, etc. The higher the traffic there is, the more visitors you will have. Moreover, this place must be easy to access and visible to everyone, let alone have a comfortable parking area.

  • Inform regular customers

If your restaurant has already worked for some time in another place, probably, you have already created a circle of clientele. It is as important not to lose them to attract new guests. That is why you should warn your regular customers about your plans to relocate and indicate the dates when your restaurant will be closed. Moreover, don’t forget to invite them to the new opening event!

  • Make changes to the online resources

Online promotion plays a very important role for every business so there is no doubt that information about your restaurant can be found not only on the official website but also on many other platforms. It is important to control as many resources as possible do that your contact information was changed on them. Additionally, send notifications to clients of popular messengers and social networks to let them know about relocation too. 

  • Encourage customers to visit a new location

If your restaurant moves for a quite long distance, it may prevent regular guests from visiting it. However, you can encourage them to visit your new location offering them unique promotions and discounts. It would be nice if these incentives are time-bound for them to arrive as fast as possible.

  • Schedule moving for the best time

The choice of the time to move is one of the most important aspects to be planned in advance. Naturally, you may have some events planned for the future and cannot refuse from them unless it is a quite long perspective. Therefore, it is important to choose the season and month when your sales are at the lowest rates and there are no big holidays to celebrate. Moreover, you should set the date after which you cannot accept pre-orders and inform your clients about that. The best way to move is to do that as quickly as possible without closing the restaurant for a long period of time.

  • Make a checklist

Though it may sound impossible, you should make up a detailed list of everything to be moved since there are many fragile and oversized items to be packed and loaded respectively. Moreover, a checklist will help you not to miss anything and prevent possible losses, damages, and thefts. It will also become helpful when you start unpacking all this ware at the new location.

  • Hire professional movers

The speed, smoothness, and comfort of the restaurant relocation depend on the moving company chosen for this purpose. It is natural that such responsible orders must be performed by professionals. Licensed movers will take care of your expensive and fragile pieces to deliver them in a perfect state. Moreover, all the belongings moved are insured, so even if anything unpredictable happens to the things, everything will be covered by the policy. 

  • Prepare a new location for moving in

Before you close your old restaurant, premises and move all the stuff to the new place, the latter one must be ready for arrangements.  It must be renovated, cleaned, and prepared for moving in. Experts advise preserving the style of the restaurant for it to be recognizable by brand but add some exclusive details to the interior to interest regular clients!

  • Start a new marketing campaign in advance

A new business requires a powerful advertising campaign which will attract a bigger number of clients. Therefore, it is very important to pay more attention to this question prior to moving. When the date of your move approaches, you need to start the campaign before it or immediately after the process for it to be effective.

  • Make new opening a real must-visit event

Despite the fact that relocation is not opening a new restaurant, a new location, exterior, and interior will provide it with a new lease of life. Consequently, it is worth preparing a bright and memorable opening day and informing more people about this event to generate more leads. Having come once to the restaurant, there are high chances they will return again there. 

Moving a restaurant is a challenging task which requires serious preparation. Consider the following tips if you think about business relocation and get a successful and hassle-free experience thanks to that. 

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