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15 Best Meat Markets and Butcher Shops in NYC

Best quality organic meat markets and shops in NYC

Only high-quality meat can be delicious and healthy. It means that you need to find a butcher shop new you that will deliver and sell fresh and organic meat for reasonable prices. However, it may be challenging to do that if you live in such a big city as New York. Being a metropolis, there are many meat markets in NYC, however, not all of them are worth your attention. Therefore we decided to prepare the top 15 best places to buy meat in New York. 

Looking for organic meat? The best butcher shops in NYC selling quality and fresh meat all year round are the following ones:

  1. Honest chops

Location: 319 East 9th St., New York, NY 10003

This butchery and burger shop sells organic meat as well as has a small restaurant serving great burgers. It was opened in 2014 by three friends who wanted to provide people with decent halal meat. The butcher has its own partner farms with ethically-raised animals which are even hand-slaughtered especially for people with the Islamic faith. The store sells cage-free chicken, organic beef and lamb.

Photo: Honest Chops Butchery

All the meat sold is USDA-Certified Organic one and you can visit the store or order necessary pieces online through the website. In addition to meat, customers can also buy sausages, burger meat, liver, bones, pinwheel etc. The shop works 6 days a week with a day off on Tuesday.

  1. Ottomanelli Butcher Shop

Location: 1549 York Ave, New York, NY 10028

Reminding a butchery visited by your grannies, today Ottomanelli offers fresh organic meat for moderate prices.

Photo: Ottomanelli Butcher Shop

It has been a city staple since 1900 and was established by the Ottomanelli family that is in charge of this business now too. The butchery offers beef, veal, pork, and poultry selection to its clients. It is possible to buy natural antibiotic-free meat since most of the animals are fed with grass. The shop also offers wild game and birds meat as well as meat assortment packages. Many customers prefer to buy meat for burgers only in this store as well as can try examples of exotic meat too. This family-owned and operated meat store also has a restaurant serving delicious dishes from the goods sold. It also offers delivery services to everyone who cannot arrive at the store. The store works 7 days a week so you can always buy fresh and flavors meat there. 

  1. Harlem Shambles

Location: 2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

This is the best butcher shop in NYC reminding a boutique at first glance. It was founded by Tim and Mark Forrester and now can boast a professional staff with butchers who have over 40 years of experience. The shop sells kosher organic meat, sausages, milk, eggs, grains, bread, and chili. Here you can buy beef, lamb, poultry, and pork. It is also possible to order more specialized meats such as rabbit, turkey, and duck.

Photo: Harlem Shambles Shop

The store works with several farm partners including Kinderhook Farm that delivered grass-fed beef and lamb, Meili Farm growing natural hand-fed hogs, Autumn’s Harvest Farm feeding its animals with natural quality feed and a small family-owned farm called Arcadian Pastures which produces the most nutritionally-dense and best tasting meats. It is possible to shop both online and in the store 7 days a week with our weekends.   

  1. International Meat Market

Location: 3612 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

What makes this store one of the most popular ones? It offers premium meats for affordable prices in combination with the highest level of service. The store guarantees 100% healthy meat to its customers choosing only ABF Products with premium quality control. The butcher of this store has over 30 years of experience while this family-owned business started in 1996 and has been only improving its reputation for these years.

Photo: International Meat Market

The store serves antibiotic-free beef vetted by strict Premium Beef certification processes, humanely raised pork, and free-ranged organic poultry. It is possible to visit the store which receives deliveries 6 days a week as well as order meat online for delivery. Sunday is a day off in the store, so plan your purchases on other days. 

  1. Paisanos Butcher Shop

Location: 162 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Being one of family-owned NYC butchers, this store has a history of over 50 years. It offers an amazing selection of wholesale and retail meats along with many other delicious food products. It sells natural and organic grass-fed beef that is high in Omega 3 and 6 essential oils and is far healthier than traditional beef raised in a feedlot. Moreover, you can also buy pork, poultry, cheese, Olive oil, appetizers and many other goods there. 

Photo: Paisanos Butcher Shop

When it comes to meat, they cut it in a variety of ways so you can buy slices, pieces, chops, meatballs, and of course, sausages. There is a fantastic selection and excellent service in addition to the premium quality of meat sold. It is also a place where you can buy exotic meat including snakes, kangaroo, camel, etc. It is difficult to find a better BBQ shop since there are many pre-marinated and fresh meats too.

Cheap meat

  1. Ridgewood Pork Store

Location: 516 Seneca Ave, Apt 2, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Despite being called an affordable meet market in New York, it is still can be compared with meat heaven. Majoring in pork, first of all, clients can find different products made of the meat including charcuterie, fresh sausage, bacon, and whole pigs. The store offers not only meat but also a variety of other products.

Photo: Ridgewood Pork Store

It works 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday and accepts not only cash but also credit cards. Many clients say about very tasty smoked kielbasa, salami, and other delicacies. Other benefits of this store are super friendly staff and mouth-watering smell attracting clients of all ages. 

  1. Model T Meats

Location: 404 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Do you want to find a very affordable meat store with excellent reviews in New York? Model T Meats is waiting for you. This is a family-owned shop established in 1935. When you enter this tiny store, it is difficult to believe how such a great choice of meats could be found there.

Photo: Model T Meats Corporation

Meat is always fresh and tasty. Moreover, butchers working there make perfect cuts and hear requests from their clients. The staff working there is honest and reasonable. One more great benefit of this store is self-made sausages which are so tasty that they are gone in the blink of an eye. They sell out almost everything during the day and deliver fresh and tasty meat on a daily basis too. 

  1. Broadway Meats

Location: 1259 Broadway, Bushwick, NY 11221

Working 7 days a week this inexpensive meat market attracts hundreds of clients on a daily basis so it allows them to offer only fresh meat each new day.

Photo: Broadway Meats Inc

There is a great team of butchers who move quickly around the store to serve clients without making them wait. They are patient and helpful serving not only meat but also seasonings, staples, sides. There is a variety of cuts including not only popular chicken, pork, beef but also goat and more exotic meats. The store has been operating for over 20 years already always featuring absolute tidiness and reasonable prices. Nowadays it is the number-one choice for many locals and a perfect alternative to supermarket meat.

Exotic meat markets

  1. Esposito Meat Market

Location: 500 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Established in 1932 this butcher shop will provide you only with fresh meat of different types. This store has deserved the reputation of one of the finest New York meat markets. It was established by 3 brothers and now it is managed by the son of one of them. Customers can buy beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, veal there. It is even possible to obtain homemade sausages and specialty items made of this meat. However, the main advantage of this meat store is a selection of exotic meats including Cornish hens, ducks, geese, pheasant, quail, rabbits, squash, wild boar, and venison.

Photo: Esposito Meat Market

Moreover, the shop offers cold cuts and delicious cheese to its clients too. You can visit it 6 days a week except for Sunday and enjoy nutritious and flavory meat. 

  1. Mosner Family Brands

Location: 355 Food Center Dr, Unit E-8, Bronx, NY 10474

Do you want to see ‘the Art of Butchery’? Visit the best butcher in NYC founded by Mosner family and your vision about meat markets will change forever. The butchery began its history in the 1950s and now it offers not only products full of protein but also high-quality meat including 100% grass-fed Organic beef and Organic lamb, Organic pork and Organic poultry. You can also find excellent veal on its shelves as well as order more exotic meats of you wish. If you want to try the finest meat of buffalo, venison, wild boar, ostrich, kangaroo, rabbit, alligator and a number of game birds, ducks and foie gras, it is time to visit the store. Moreover, there is an opportunity to purchase small goats, lambs, and pigs for special order as well.

Photo: Mosner Family Brands

The store is open from Monday till Friday with two days off. The weekly volume of meat sold in the store is about 125 tons and it is really impressive.

  1. Staubitz Market

Location: 222 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Staubitz Market is a store with more than 100-year history having been established in 1917. However, it has an excellent butchery with over 55 years of experience.

Photo: Staubitz Market

The shop aims at providing a high standard of every product sold and a selection of meats offered there is quite extensive too. Customers can visit the market to buy humanely-raised and grass-fed beef delivered from Silver Fern Farms, hand-selected poultry from Bell & Evans suppliers, well-marbled and juicy pork sourced from Berkshire pigs, as well as grass and grain-fed lambs coming from the Pacific Northwest to the store. When it comes to the range of game meats available in the store, you can purchase not only duck, geese, rabbit, or quail, but also guinea hens, wild boar, partridge, capon, squab, venison, buffalo and poussin. The store welcomes guests seven days a week and guarantees moderate prices for excellent meat.

Wholesale Meat Markets in NYC

  1. Market Distributors

Location: A5-12 Hunts Point Co-op Market, 355 Food Center Drive, Bronx, New York 10474-7508, US

The company that deals with wholesale meat trade is located in the largest food distribution center in the world – The Hunts Point Cooperative Market in the Bronx, NY. It is a family-run business operation for 3 generations already being founded in 1982. It is a distributor of boxed beef, poultry, pork, and provisions in New York and several more states. It also specializes in whole suckling pigs.

  1. The London Meat Co.

Location: 56 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

This British company was founded in 2005 being a wholesale meat supplier not only in the UK but also the US. It serves different companies including hotels, butchers, catering companies and fine dining restaurants.

Photo: The London Meat Co.

All the company products are taste tested and professionally packed to arrive completely fresh to the customers. The company offers such meats as beef, poultry, pork, lamb, veal, game and specialties, sausages and burgers, gammon and bacon, delicatessen, and halal. It features the highest quality and combines freshness, flavor, and succulence.

  1. Mega Meats Inc.

Location: 2824 Boston Rd., Bronx NY 10469

This is a family-owned wholesale meat and food distributor providing stores, markets, shops, restaurants of New York with fresh and frozen meat. The company seeks to offer its clients not only the bed products but also excellent customer service. The meat is delivered directly from farms and plants to guarantee the best toast and freshness.

Photo: Mega Meats Inc.

The range of meats and other products delivered by this distribution is very extensive. It is possible to order paper-packed pork from industry leaders, grass-fed beef from such companies as National’s Certified Black Angus, Chairman’s Reserve, Sterling Silver, poultry from the most distinguished companies including Perdue, Mountaire and Wayne Farms, as well as tender veal raised in the US. Other foods available are Italian specialties, cheese, dairy products, provisions, as well as frozen meat and Caribbean specialties.

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