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The 10 Best Organic Restaurants in NYC

It seems that today many people surfeit with unhealthy food. No matter how tasty it is – half of the taste must be in its freshness, lightness and of course, natural ingredients. Nowadays the dish made of healthy food is also considered to be a delicious one. The bulk of organic ingredients caters us for all the necessary vitamins. That is the reason why so many people want to eat natural food. In addition to this, there is a widespread opinion that it will help people to abstain from causing a problem with health. 

Since food culture in NYC has shifted to a more organic approach, where hundreds of plates are made of fresh vegetables and fruits, we have made a list of best organic restaurants in NYC. 

Top 10 organic restaurants in NYC

Westbourne – the place with communal seating that in no way lessens the value of the restaurant. Each dish is colorful and made of fresh food. It is also important to note that Westbourne committed to zero waste philosophy. If you are looking for a cozy place with a great interior, friendly waiters and fantastic food, Westbourne won’t disappoint you.

Photo: Westbourne restaurant

Among the best dishes are over the rainbow bowl, sunset grains, sunrise kingdom, the bounty, echo tacos, and mushrueben. Great variety of dishes is suitable for people with different food habits – vegetarians, vegans or raw food eaters. On the menu, you’ll find a range of sweet and savory items. The place is very stylish – you will get this vibe once you there.  

Address: 137 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012 b/t Houston St & Prince Street, South Village. 

Average main price: $22. 

Rustic table – some people called this place the best for the freshness you feel literary in each bite. Ambiance also excellent – music always on the appropriate level, the decoration is nice and cozy. The Mediterranean influenced food tastes amazing here. Even though the restaurant is quite small, it will cover it up with a light and friendly atmosphere you experience once you get inside. The staff is highly professional – they even care if you seat comfortably. Such an attitude is very nice and helping. If you are looking for some necessary restrictions, for example, dairy-free or dishes without gluten, you are coming to the right place.

Photo: Rustic table restaurant

The food and space are really completed with each other. Rustic table is really an outstanding little spot with great natural food. 

Address: 504 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036, b/t 11th Ave & 10th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West.

Average main price: $25.

Nora Thai – the place with many organic food dishes based on Asian cuisine, especially Southern Thai. Try coconut milk with curries, purple dumplings, a traditional bowl of rice, pad Thai See Ew, pad or any sweets – neither of these dishes could ever disappoint a hungry person. It is not only one of the best places in the city with Thai food, but as well as an amazing spot for natural food eaters. If you like Asian dishes and you care about how natural the food try this place.

Photo: Nora Thai restaurant

What we should warn you about is that you have to be prepared for spiciness – after all, it is Asian cuisine. What is really interesting to taste here is how the authentically Asian cuisine features (like early mentioned spiciness) meets modern food tendencies. Besides that, the simple reason to come to Nora Thai is to eat in one of the best places with Thai food outside Thailand. 

Address: 176 N 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 b/t Bedford Ave & Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg – North Side.

Average main price: $25.   

Avocados one of the top organic things to eat for the last several years. It has been one of the biggest trends and food culture – especially for those who for one or the other reason eats only organic food.  If you want to taste what it is and how different and subtle it can be, go to Avocaderia and try several different dishes based on avocado.

Photo: Avocaderia restaurant

There is a hint on Mediterranean cuisine in some dishes, but generally, the food is beggars any descriptions. The options are mostly vegan/vegetarian.  This place adored by many people, including those who are writing for The New Yorker. They have recommended the place several times as one of the best in NYC. If you call yourself an avocado lover and find this food as something that fit your preferences, we highly recommend coming to Avocaderia. It is one of the most authentic NYC organic restaurants. 

Address: 269 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, b/t 27th St & 28th Street Chelsea.

Average main price: $35. 

Bunna café – one of the best organic food restaurants in Bushwick. If you want natural food and dishes of big sizes, you should put any doubts away and come to this place.

Photo: Bunna café restaurant

Ethiopian food on an organic base is something amazing to try — delicious food with an inch of far-land taste. The menu flourishes with a different mixture of vegetables – Butecha Selata (kale, red onion, cranberries, onion), Yataknt Alicha (cabbage, potatoes, carrots), The Duba Wot (kabocha squash in spicy sauce), Shiro (ground split peas with ginger and garlic), fresh baklava and more. Once you have the experience of eating the Ethiopian food, you would love to have some more. Everything is full of flavor. This place is inexpensive and unique – admit, to find African food based only on natural ingredients not that easy. Since every plate on the menu is vegetarian, you can experience what it is to taste Ethiopian meatless food. It is crucial to say that for many people the place is also one of the best Ethiopians restaurants.   

Address: 1084 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237, b/t Varick Ave & Knickerbocker Avenue,  East Williamsburg, Bushwick.

Average main price: $27. 

Terri – the organic cafe with orientation on vegetarian cuisine. The menu is mostly plant-based. You should expect not just delicious food, but fresh juices and amazing smoothies as well. The place itself terrific.

Photo: Terri restaurant

Modern interior with excellent options of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner made this place an ideal choice. You can order delivery and take away. Location is excellent and very convenient. The place represents modern eating spot in its wholeness – organic, healthy food, the variety of choices what to order, excellent service and natural fast food. There are great selections of salads – protein bowl (based on kale, spinach, tofu, carrots, bean sprouts), kale Caesar, Southwestern (based on guacamole, sweet corns, red onion, tomato). Desserts are worth coming here even for one bite. Excellent service and friendly staff will make your evening very memorable. 

Address: 60 W 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010, b/t Avenue Of The Americas & Madison Avenue, Flatiron.

Average main price: $24. 

Laybird – the restaurant with grandiose décor and amazing menu. The food will amaze you – mushroom & onion fondue, avocado toasts, eggplant of fantastic flavor will make you come back here dozens of times. If you want to describe this place, you should use both old-fashioned and modern terms simply because Laybird restaurant combines it all. You can’t get rid of the particular smack of old times that practically hanging in the air. The place is adorable because of the great mixture of elements in its interior – pink ceilings, chandeliers, gold trims, white-creamy tablecloths. What kind of food can you expect in such an environment? An only delicious one, apparently.

Photo: Laybird restaurant

Interestingly, what you really get here is beyond any expectations – the food merely phenomenal. Everything is on point. The place is small – only ten seats and bar seating. If you are planning an evening in Laybird, you have to book a reservation in advance. 

Address: 111 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009 b/t Avenue A & 1st Avenue, East Village, Alphabet City.

Average main price: $20. 

Check the place called Honeygrow. It is another excellent place where you can enjoy healthy organic food in NYC. Due to the location, this place is quite small, but it won’t affect your experience here very much.

Photo: Honeygrow restaurant

The food is really super fresh, juicy, and simply awesome. You have to try amazing stir-fry (egg white noodles, beef, sesame seeds, cilantro, spinach).  Also, every customer can build the salad for himself/herself. Just choose the ingredients on the tablet, and the waiter will bring it to you within 10 minutes. For most of it, feedbacks of customers are telling us about great food and an enjoyable experience.This place, like any other in this list, cares a big deal of NYC organics – so they dedicated to zero-waste approach. 

Address: 110 S 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102, Penn Center, Rittenhouse Square.

Average main price $28. 

Inday is the right place for those who enjoy eating Indian cuisine and also stands for organic food nutrition. The restaurant is one of these spots, where everything is truly in the right place – great food, reasonable price, amazing ambiance, and professional staff.

Photo: Inday restaurant

One of the best dishes is The Holy Macro Bowl (sweet potatoes, quinoa, mashed avocados, semi-raw beets, charred broccoli, falafel). Inday is excellent if you are in a hurry and just want to stop for 10 minutes and have a healthy lunch. The portions are relatively large and not expensive. 

Address: 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, b/t 26th St & 25th Street, Flatiron.

Average main price: $24. 

Organic soul cafe in the East Village will be the last one to review in our list. Comfortable place with magically delicious food. All the dishes are made from the local farm ingredients – very fresh and what is more important, seasonal. The experience of eating in the Organic soul cafe feels very much like having a cooked meal at home. The price is very reasonable for such yummies. They also provide organic take out. 

Photo: Organic soul cafe restaurant

This place will give you a warm, lovely vibe while you enjoy your food there. 100% worthy of visiting the restaurant.  

Address: 638 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10009, b/t Avenue B & Avenue C, Alphabet City, East Village.

Average main price: $20.

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