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Top 13 Places in NYC Where They Cook in Front of You

Do you want to know those who created the dish as well as the one cooking it? We have prepared this list of restaurants where they cook in front of you in NYC. If you like to watch someone’s working, especially if he’s cooking something delicious for us, check this list of lovely places with an open kitchen.

For Asian cuisine lovers

Fuji Hibachi Japanese Steak House Sushi Bar

  • Time Square, Hell kitchen, NY 10036
  • Price range — $11-30
  • Seafood, Steaks, Japanese

Once you enter Fuji Hibachi, you have entered a calm retreat. The restaurant serves gourmet cuisine at a very reasonable price, this is an excellent place to eat.

Photo: Fuji Hibachi Japanese Steak House Sushi Bar

Apart from fusion cuisine, Fuji Hibachi also serves teppanyaki, traditional sushi, and other delicacies. The workers are very friendly and welcoming. Fuji Hibachi deserves placing it on your monthly friend or date night list.


  • 72 Kenmare St, NY 10012 
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Japanese, Tapas/Small Plates, Barbeque

Yakitori Tora small and cozy place to have a touch of privacy with a special friend. If you visit Tora, you will be surprised, why there is a lack of reviews of this nice place.

Photo: Tora restaurant

Go there to have a quiet evening and perfectly cooked and served dinner. May be Tora will become your favorite restaurant and you also won’t leave a review just to keep this nice place in secret.


  • 231 W 40th St, New York Times Bldg, NY 10018
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Sushi bar, Japanese cuisine

“The heart of Japan in the center of Manhattan” — is the motto of Inakaya. 

Their punchline is robatayaki. “Robata” is the Japanese word that stands for “around a sunken hearth” and “yaki” signifies “grilling.” It is a type of traditional Japanese cuisine, which highlights fresh ingredients cooked in the closeness of customers’ own eyes.

Photo: Inakaya restaurant

Apart from the open kitchen and really fabulous dishes, there are lots of other types of entertainment. Go there to have fun mashing the rice and getting an impressive serving of your order from right under chef’s knife.


  • 100 W 82nd St, NY 10024
  • Price range — $11-30
  • Sushi bar, Japanese, Asian cuisine

Flame is a restaurant serving hibachi, sushi & and Asian bistro cuisine. Mixing entertainment and high-quality ingredients with relaxed dining, Flame is ideal for any situation.

Photo: Flame restaurant

Go there to have a fascinating performance and perfectly tasty dinner, this place suits for any purpose whenever is a lunch with friends, a romantic date, meeting new people or a business meeting.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

  • 171 1st Avenue, between 10th & 11th St., NY 10003-2949
  • Price range — $11-30
  • Japanese, Asian cuisine

Momofuku noodle bar is unquestionably one of the places to obligatory eat in if you come to NYC.  If you are looking for a ramen or ramen place, it is here. Even those who prefer a steak instead of Asian cuisine find its dishes super delicious.

Photo: Momofuku Noodle Bar

The service is great, there are many servers delivering food to the table so your meals will arrive just at the time. And its open kitchen will give you a hint of astonishment when you see how so many ingredients are mixed in hibachi together by the chef to make your dishes divinely delicious.

For lovers of the perfect service and exquisite food


  • 239 E 5th St, New York City, NY 10003-8507
  • Price range — $31-60
  • New American, French, Spanish cuisine

A small restaurant with about 20 seats which are placed around the kitchen. There is no even thin glass partition between chef and visitors so you will soak both spectacle and soak.

Photo: Degustation restaurant

Degustation is the perfect place for a date or a quiet family dinner. You can come alone and do not feel abandoned as it is cosy and hospitable.

For Italian cuisine lovers


  • 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Italian traditional cuisine, Cocktail bar

It is both luxurious and cozy restaurant with Italian cuisine.

Photo: Lilia restaurant

The atmosphere and service are top-notch, as is the food. Come here for a family dinner, business meeting or a romantic date — this place is ideal for a great time and good food. And the open kitchen will be an impressive sight.


  • 194 Elizabeth St, NY 10012 
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Traditional Italian cuisine

It is one of downtown’s most famous Italian restaurants. Design of Peasant is equal parts rough and urban chic.

Photo: Peasant restaurant

People say dishes that appear from the fire are especially good. Сome here to impress your soulmate on a date, spend a quiet evening with a delicious dinner and enjoy the special atmosphere that the restaurant owes its design.

For vegetarians and vegans

Dirt Candy

  • 86 Allen St, NY 10002
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Vegetarian, Vegan

Who said that ethical food cannot be gourmet? This restaurant is worth a visit even if you are an avid meat-eater.

Photo: Dirt Candy restaurant

Note that Dirt Candy doesn’t have an à la carte menu at dinner but alternatively offers two tasting menus, The Vegetable Patch & The Vegetable Garden. And if until now you thought that being a vegan is boring, then this experience will turn your idea about vegetarianism.

Temple Canteen

  • 143-09 Holly Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355
  • Price range — $3-15
  • Indian, Vegetarian

Authentically Indian vegetarian food can be found in Temple Canteen. You order at the counter, where menu objects are displayed on overhead screens; while you wait for your number to be asked, you can read religious books, watch Indian DVDs, it is full immersion in Indian culture. Talking about the design it is not too cozy and relaxing, but once you retrieve your cafeteria tray from the open kitchen, but the food itself is worth your allegiance.

Photo: Temple Canteen restaurant

Avant Garden

  • 130 E 7th St, NY 10009
  • Price range — $31-60
  • Vegan & Vegetarian

At the same time, it is a kind of luxurious and cozy quiet place where you will be surprised by delicious food and excellent service.

Photo: Avant Garden restaurant

Go there to enjoy the branches of a tree above the open kitchen, not to mention the delicious food, both perfectly cooked and served. 

For sweet tooths


  • 68 Jay st. 119 Brooklyn NY 11201
  • Price range — $3-35
  • Patisserie

A small glass-fronted patisserie. Chef Ayako Kurokawa originally planned the spot to be only a production kitchen but opened it to the public in 2014, and has shifted known for her distinctive, creative takes on traditional French pastries with Japanese and American twists.

Photo: Burrow patisserie

The main attractions are cookies and cakes, beautiful tiered forms of cream and mousse and sponge in tastes like chestnut and green tea. Do not miss the wonder of supremacy, it is a sweet place for a date of sweet tooths. 


  • 203 E 10th St, NY 10003-7636
  • Price range — from $18
  • Patisserie, Desserts

If you have mates or relatives who love sweets, this is the place to take. Come and see, how the chef carefully serves each dessert before it appears on your table.

Photo: Dirt Candy bar

There might be a line, but it is worth to wait a bit. People say ChikaLicious is an experience, not just dessert.

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