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The 10 Best Anniversary Restaurants in NYC

Nowadays the food is part and parcel of a romantic date. The ambiance and decoration are essential for creating an unforgettable evening with significant other. If you want to have an amazing anniversary or date, we recommend you to share the delicious food from the best chefs. Luckily, New York City is full of options on that matter. And the city by itself can be called one of the most romantic places you can possibly find in the world.

Are you in search of the most romantic places in New York to celebrate your feelings in the cozy, somehow dreamy atmosphere? We made a list of places where every dinner could feel like Valentine’s day.

  • The River Café is an essentially romantic place, one of the best restaurants for those who in love. 

Take a look on a wine list – you can find what you really need and what matches your mood in the exact moment. Under thoughtful guidance of Joseph DeLissio, this place for many years was a part of Wine Spectators Best of Award of Excellence. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner or to celebrate the beginning of your honeymoon, or perhaps you’re having an anniversary –  do not hesitate to choose this restaurant. 

Photo: The River Café

Let’s explore what is on a menu. For an appetizer, there are amazing Wagyu Steak Tartare and Oysters (oysters from both coasts chilled on the half shell with lemon pepper granite), crab, smoked salmon, roasted rabbit. From the main menu, you can taste Black Sea Bass (sautéed with lobster brown butter, grilled artichoke ravioli and fresh artichoke), King Salmon, Lobster or fascinating Branzino (Mediterranean Sea bass fillet, wild shrimp crust, lemon, olive oil and saffron nage, zucchini). 

Relaxing piano music, attentive, entertaining waiters and the view on downtown Manhattan is always there. Many clients refer to this place as “romantic as hell” and “romantic to the maximum”. You can easily get the idea of The River Café from these impressions.  

Address: 1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 

Average main course: $61.

  • If you would like to experience a mixture of artistic Paris and modern New York, go to the Sel Prose. Named after female alter-ego of Marcel Duchamp, Rrose Sélavy, the place resembles artistic salons from the last century. 

The place holds an impressive selection of cocktails and daily fresh oysters from East and West coasts. Among the best dishes, there are Brandade de morue, Chicken liver pâté, Burrata, Truffled risotto croquettes, Truffle fries. An inch of French taste and ambiance giving the place special tones.

Photo: Sel Prose bar

Generally, the place is relaxed and calming. Perfect for share the evening with your loved one.

Address – 1 Delancey St New York, NY 10002. 

Average main course: $52.

  • Are you looking for a truly luxurious dinner? Well, you can visit the Rainbow Room. A large hall with a gorgeous view of the city. Space is amazingly vast, so it might not be a problem to get a table here. The service is sublime and classy. This place is incredible for a romantic date or any celebration for those who in love and want to celebrate their relationship in a beautiful atmosphere.
Photo: Rainbow Room restaurant

It goes without saying that the menu is absolutely great. From the section of appetizers give a try to Maine Diver Scallop Baked In Its Shell or Roast Chicken And Cauliflower Ragout. In the main menu, there are Shinnecock Port Wild Black Bass, Maine Lobster Pot Pie With Black Truffle and Herb Roasted Pennsylvania Lamb. According to reviews, those dishes are great and definitely worth tasting. The zest of the evening could be a dance in the center of the ballroom with live music. Isn’t that romantic?

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plz, Fl 65 New York, NY 10112, Midtown West. Cross street: between 49th and 50th Streets. 

Average main course: $81.

  • The next place we are about to review got a romantic mark in 2009 when President Barack Obama took his wife on a first date as the president. The restaurant itself is more than suitable for a romantic celebration, so Obama definitely knew what to choose. Maybe this place could become one of your favorite memorable romantic dinners ever since it has everything to impress you. Most of the clients have nothing but only good things to say about the Blue Hill Restaurant
Photo: Blue Hill Restaurant

In a menu, you can find specialties from chef and co-founder Dan Barber. This celebrated chef was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. The menu has two sections – daily dishes and farmer’s feast. The list of wines is spectacular and has more than a hundred options. You are going to like this: every title on a menu is unique and has a story behind or relative to it. Should we emphasize that the food here is full of subtle nuances and to taste it is to have a great experience? Add to this the presence of your loved one and you’ll get a perfect evening.

Address: 75 Washington Pl, New York, NY 10011, at Avenue of The Americas Greenwich Village. 

Average main course: $70.

  • One If By Land Two If By Sea is the restaurant that is very much alike as one from the fairytale. Some people says that the building of the restaurant is being haunted. We can’t say is true or false, but it definitely a part of the place’s charm. Crystal chandeliers, dim light, almost silent fireplace, retro style and old-fashioned looking menu eventually make you feel like in one of the beautiful classic romantic movies. 
Photo: One If By Land Two If By Sea restaurant

The service is outstanding, very attentive to small details. One of the best dishes (and frequently mentioned by the clients in their reviews) is Beef Wellington with mushrooms. Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch, special Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch, Fresh Baked Chicken Pot Pie and all the food is fabulous. The atmosphere is both intimate and very lively. In the wine section, you can find marvelous drinks – 100% suitable for the romantic mood and conversation. Ever since it was opened in 1973 On If By Land Two If by Sea remains one of the best places to visit with your date or loved one.

Address: 17 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014, b/t S 7th Ave & 4th St West Village. 

Average main course: $85.

  • La Grenouille – the decoration in this restaurant is essentially romantic. If you want a more precise definition of this place, we would have to say that it holds classic romantic vibes.
Photo: La Grenouille restaurant

Mirrored walls, the abundance of red color all over the restaurant, banquets, fresh flowers, rather a classic menu – all the ingredients for authentic romance ambience are in the right place and order.  It seems to be a place where all the dates go great. 

The chef Jean Christophe Guiony is making impeccable food that is off the charts good. This elegant place was established in 1962, so it holds traditions of making the most delicious food in spectacular interiors for over than 50 years. For private parties, you can order a skylight room. You would be glad to know that a bar in this restaurant dedicated to legendary writer St. Exupery, who in 1940 wrote a part of his main piece, The Little Prince, in the La Grenouille.

Address: 3 East 52nd St., New York, NY 10022. 

Average main course: $73. 

  • Peasant is an Italian restaurant that quite different from those we already mentioned. It is not that huge, and by its nature is rather rustic. A wood-fired oven visually available from any corner of the restaurant is giving a special sense of coziness. This place is amazingly good for dining in winter. Since Peasant is the Italian restaurant get ready for delicious plates from Sicilia. Polpi In Pulgatorio, Bocconcini, Porchetta, Albicocca Spritz, Rabbit Polenta, a great selection of wines. 

Perhaps, the interior and the light in Peasant will actually remind you about Italy. The place is capable of it.

Photo: Peasant restaurant

The very last advice: if you are there, you must try the bread they make. Fluffy, delicate and simply delicious. Don’t miss it!

Address: 194 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012, b/t Spring St & Prince St Nolita. 

Average main course: $30.

  • Raoul’s is one of the places that has the reputation of restaurants for dates. This Casual French bistro was established 40 years ago and it is still regularly improving as well as respects its traditions. The warm ambiance, lots of original artworks (and what are basically making the whole spirit of the place), neon light, terrific menu – nothing can go wrong in such a beautiful place.
Photo: Raoul’s restaurant

If you and your date are both fond of burgers, don’t hesitate to have some here. Actually, burgers are what many people are coming for in Raoul’s. The restaurant has the whole bunch of stories, kind of narrative that has been shaped over the course of years. So you’ll probably hear at least something from its rich history.

Address: 180 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, b/t Thompson St & Sullivan St South Village. 

Average main course: $50. 

  • Since the essence of the date is the closeness of those who in love, a table for two is what creates an intimate, romantic atmosphere. Il Buco is a perfect place to share pasta and have long conversations with nice piano music behind you. 
Photo: Il Buco restaurant

The menu holds all the luxurious culinary gifts of Mediterranean and best traditions of Italian cuisine. The best and most appreciated plates are Biancolilla (delicate and fruity with notes of orange blossom and a soft spicy finish – Trapani, Sicily), Moraiolo (a powerful, dark green, superior fruit with a grassy aroma and spicy finish – Foligno, Umbria), Pesce 32 (seared filet of Atlantic steelhead trout, green farro, pomegranate, salsifis, black garlic) and delicious Agnello 36 (cast-iron roasted Hudson Valley lamb tenderloin, sweet red peppers, fingerling potatoes, salsa rossa). Candles on each table are something that will help you to find the right mood for the evening.

Address: 47 Bond St, New York City, NY 10012-2450. 

Average main course: $40.

  • ABC Kitchen is going to be the last one in our review.  Some people call it “the alphabet of romantic dates” referring in this way to ABC in the title. And this unofficial nickname is perfectly describing the idea of this restaurant.
Photo: ABC Kitchen restaurant

Decorated with ceramic pieces and a variety of plants, the hall is big and ideal for private chats. If you are looking for a restaurant to choose for the first date, we would highly recommend this one. The food is organic and will probably astonish you with its freshness. 

Black sea bass with chilis and potatoes, squash blossom pizza and crab toast – among many amazing options these are some that very much appreciated by the clients. 

Address: 35 E 18th Street, New York, NY 10003. 

Average main course: $50

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