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I Don’t Have Time – Restaurant Business

One of the things I have found when making adjustments to the schedule is you find out how comfortable people have gotten.  Suddenly you’re requiring more work out of your employees without giving them extra time to do get the work done. For many, the first reaction is, “I don’t have time to get it done.”

When you hear those words, there are two possibilities to consider.  The first is that you really did cut too deeply, and there is no way to accomplish all that needs to be done at the current staff levels.  The second possibility is the one I usually come up against; there is enough time to get things done, but the staff doesn’t really want to wok any harder.

If you’ve thought through the tasks at hand and have planned carefully,  then be assured that more can be accomplished than your worker may be willing to admit.  What they are looking for is to see if they can get you to back off and either give some of the work to someone else, or rehire someone to come in and do the work.  Once they see that you are sticking to your decision, the complaints soon stop, and surprisingly, all of the work gets done.

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